June 11 & 12, 2024 – Music City Center, Nashville •

Pedro Alonso

Espamex CEO and owner, Mexico

Espamex in Mexico boasts around four decades of experience and the company has participated in more than 4,000 projects in Latin America over the last 37 years.

It has more than 1,100 tower cranes for rental and sale. They range from models with a 30 metre boom and 1 tonne tip load to 60 tonne capacity models that will lift 5 tonnes at the end of their 80 metre jib.

In addition to tower cranes Espamex offers construction hoists and elevators upto 3.5 tonnes, rebar processing machinery, and façade maintenance systems.

In his presentation Alonso, an engineer, will talk about the 475 metre Rise Tower project. In North America projects are typically completed with large tower cranes but Espamex achieves the same results using small ones. This adds complexity to the project and demands a high level of technical precision. Learn how it is done.

Topic: The Rise Tower, Mexico: how tower cranes can optimise CapEx and OpEx on a major project